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Today I’m leaving Plataformatec. It was 4 years working here and we acomplished a lot. I fell so fortunate to had the oportunity to work on this team. Everyone is so smart and helpful, that working here felt like a privilege. The projects that we worked were challenging and I felt that I was making difference with my work.

And that summarize very well my feeling about working there, I feel that we were making difference. Not just for our clients, but also to our coworker and our friends and relatives. And entire community also benefited with our work since we contributed a lot to the open source community.

Here I had the oportunity to experiment and create. I had the chance to contribute back to the community even through our projects but also through Rails. Plataformatec was helping the Rails Core Team since the company began. José had a huge role on the Rails 3 release and Carlos and I carried his torch in the Rails 4 release and since then I’m being the release manager and welcoming new contributors.

Leaving this company is being harder than leaving my parents to move to São Paulo. I had so many good friends here, they are part of my family. I’ll miss a lot participate of the day-by-day and not seeing them eveyday. I’ll miss the everyday jokes and the lunchs. The office and the people. I’ll miss so much.

I’m leaving it not because I found something better, or because we don’t share the same goals, but because I want something difference. I can say that hardly I’ll find some place better, or more welcoming that what I have here. I think that the place I’m going have a lot of potential to be the same and this is enough, because here I had so much.

I’m really happy to have worked at Plataformatec, and want to thank everyone that worked with me. Thank you to the partners, that trusted me when nobody knews my potential, for giving me support and for embracing my crazy ideas. To my heroes (idols and references), José, Carlos, George, Hugo, João, Gustavo, Lucas, Rondy, Erich, Kassio and Ulisses for making my job chalenging, easy, funny and joyful. To my shields, Junior, Ozaki, Carol, Wesley and Nathalia for letting me free to work on the most important things, and teaching me new things every day about projects. To our CEO, Marcelo, for having his door always open to hear my concerns about the company and about our team, and for always leading me to the right direction. And to all my coworkers for make me fell in home and helping me to do the best work I can make everyday.

Thank you so much Plataformatec, for making difference in my life. Your culture will live with me forever.

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